Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) & Recruitment

We help in building the process, getting the same implemented and executed also. You may get the complete process outsourced to us too once the complete process is in place. Over the years we have developed various processes like vendor/customer management, reconciliation process etc for our clients which help them increase operational efficiency. 

We provide you support in all formats comfortable to you, some formats in which we have provided support to our prestigious clients are below: -        
  • Developing the complete process under supervision of our experienced professionals where the team is on our payroll. The process is monitored and controlled by our professional to ensure desired results are achieved. 
  • Training employees of your organisation by our experienced professionals and getting the process implemented. 
  • Providing trained staff suiting your inbuilt process in the organisation.

Process development and its implementation is in itself a process which involves professional expertise at every step. We at CoinRise assure you of systematic implementation of each step keeping in consideration secured environment and  quality services.

  • Process Design
    • CoinRise Group helps design business processes to untap inherent business potentials. We also help in designing company specific processes to cater its core problems. We study indepth issues and help you in designing business specific processes to find solutions in minimum possible time.
  • Process Implementation
    • We at CoinRise Group, with our team of experts help you in implementation of tailor designed processes or specific made processes in the most systematic manner. We ensure that the process is tested properly and implemented in the most effective manner.
  • Process Execution
    • Once the processes are already implemented in the organization, they are monitored regularly by our experienced personnel to ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved within the timeframe. Our experienced personnel keep a close watch on the process to keep complete control and monitor the progress to ensure desired results are achieved.
  • Process Outsourcing
    • We provide our clients managed Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services at the lowest possible costs so that they can focus on their core business activities while saving a significant amount of overhead costs.
  • Process Audit & Advisory
    • Process audits are conducted to check the effectiveness and adequacies of existing processes by performing sample checks on the operational activities. It helps to identify the improvement opportunities and close loop gaps by taking timely corrective /preventive actions

Areas where we can help you..
We are working on all legs of Accounts, Finance, Legal and Taxation related processes. We have a wide team of professionals who work in collaboration to help mint solutions by developing the best processes for your organisation.